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The EXCLUSIVE coordination package is a great option for couples looking to get ALL of the benefits from our Essential Package as well as the best of the best from our VIP package. This is a great package for out-of-towners, as well as local folks that need a helping hand with all of the details, but can handle some of the planning on their own. This package is our best value as well, as it includes a great deal of planning help, including wedding venue selection/negotiation, vendor recommendations and just the right level of communication and guidance for busy professionals. This is for the couple that wants all the benefits of having an “All Inclusive” planner but wouldn’t necessarily benefit from the quantity of “in person” meetings and vendor visits that the VIP package offers. This package offers unlimited support via phone and email. 3 In person/skype meetings and one on-site venue visit.

This package includes all of the “ESSENTIAL package” services with the addition of:

  • Venue Research & Negotiations.
  • Ceremony site research and referrals.
  • UNLIMITED Vendor referrals, research and negotiations. (15+ are included).
  • Unlimited contact and unlimited Skype and phone meetings through-out the planning process.
  • One on-site visit at your venue at any point in the planning process.
  • Access to the vendor incentives and discounts that come with our “Jen House Discounts”.
  • Hotel Block referrals, suggestions and rate comparisons.

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