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To say that I’m obsessed with Love might just be the under-statement of the century. I may just be the only wedding planner out there that still tears up at the first dance after several years in the biz and still gets goose bumps when I fluff that veil before we open the doors in the church. “We love, love!” is the motto of our office and getting to be knee deep in “love” every day is what keeps my wheels turning, what keeps me working at this very exciting and challenging job, day in and day out. 600 or so events under my belt and I’m still as excited and pumped about each event we do, as I was the first day I stepped into a venue to coordinate my first gig.

My goal is to help you experience your day in the most positive, fabulous and fantastic way possible, and further-more, help you to enjoy the planning every step of the way. You shouldn’t feel like you’re going to the principal’s office when you’re visiting your wedding planner. You should feel excited, protected, well taken care of, and most importantly- listened to. It’s my job to represent you, to create a rapport and to “get your back”. I’m here to help you navigate this crazy and unique wedding world and all it’s in and out’s. A Moment In Time is the highest rated wedding planning company in Metro Detroit, and I will happily sing that from the rooftops, mountain tops and anywhere else that they’ll let me sing. Just read our outstanding roster of client reviews on the various portals on the internet, and you’ll see why we’ve been rated so highly!

Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and still living in the immediate area. A former counselor, turned wedding planner- I’d say my “super hero power” is being extremely intuitive, getting to know my clients very quickly, and taking stock of what their needs and wants are, sometimes, even before they’re aware of it. I’m an Ann Arbor girl that works more in Detroit than just about anywhere else, and though I’m in love with my hometown, I planted my business roots in Plymouth. I wanted to be centrally located in Southeast Michigan so that I could experience all that weddings in this area have to offer, and that decision was the best decision I’ve

Jen House

made since starting my business in 2006. I love Michigan. It’s my home, it’s where I’ve laid down roots and where I’ve lived all my life. I love baseball, college football and a day spent cooking up a fantastic feast in my kitchen may as well be a day at the spa for me. It’s my “zen” place. I’m a total social media nerd and a bit of a floral geek. If they made t-shirts with the scientific names for flowers, I’d buy them all and wear them- proudly! There is one thing most important to a description about me, the lifeblood of who I am, and it’s my marriage to my husband, Charlie. There’s a reason I love, love so much, a reason I appreciate marriage so intensely that I’ve devoted my career to it- and it’s largely due to the love I get to experience with him every day of my beautiful and blessed life.

I’m excited to meet you and hope to get to know more about what makes you tick and what you and your fiance’ are looking for in a planning experience. 
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Jen House