Meet Kendall

I started work with A Moment In Time in 2008. On a whim I decided to send my resume’ to Jen on a day when I was trying to figure out what I would do on my summer off from school at Western Michigan University. A love of parties and weddings was always in my blood, but never in a million years did I think I would find myself loving being a part of wedding days as much as I did. It became something I returned to for 3 more seasons before going full time, as A Moment In Time's Director Of Events, and eventually partnering in a new venture JEN HOUSE DESIGN with my “work wife”, Jen. Yes, we call each other “work wife” because we spend about as much time together as any devoted wife or husband would. Funny enough, I think we may see each other more than we see our spouses! Having coordinated nearly 400 events in our 10 years in business, and helping design nearly each of those events, I would say that I eat, sleep and breathe weddings day in and day out- and I love it. Truly. And when I’m not eating, sleeping and well, breathing weddings- I’m a proud mama to my sons Dakota & Kohen. They are the lights of my life and they keep me very busy! Being a mom is my greatest accomplishment and loving them has changed me in the most incredible ways.

I’m a Livonia native and I too was born and raised in Michigan, and attended Western Michigan University. Jen and I share a mutual love of baseball, and my hidden, but now discovered talent is a skill for chalkboard lettering and calligraphy. I don't know what I'll do with my free time if it's ever not trendy to decorate every blank canvas I can get my hands on with pretty lettering and chalkboard flourishes. I’m a self-professed junk food junky, but am gaining lots of foodie knowledge in my time spent with Jen and trying to cut back on the Big Mac's! ;) Aside from the obvious love of event and floral design, I also have a love of fashion. Though I tend

Kendall Goddard

to be a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, dressing up for a fun night out and picking out the perfect outfit, along with to-die-for accessories is something that gets me entirely fired up and excited!

This job for me is more than something that pays the bills - this is something that has become a large part of me and how I define myself. It's not just a job, it's my career and it brings me endless joy to spend my days surrounded by the love and laughter of our clients. We have so much fun doing what we do and we know that our clients appreciate the fun atmosphere we create throughout the planning and design process. Our team of event planners rock, and our energy is infectious. As Jen said, we sure do" love, love" around here, and immersing ourselves in it day in and day out is what allows me to enjoy my career as much as I do.

Kendall Goddard